Why Attractive Women Aren't Finding You Interesting

Why Attractive Women Aren’t Finding You Interesting

Getting an attractive woman’s attention is not just about looking like a movie star.

Now while it is true that physical appearance and personal hygiene should be on top of your checklist when you’re trying to spark her interest, there are also other very important factors that you should look into to help you pull off attracting beautiful a woman.

Fortunately, it is possible to capture the attention of a beautiful woman, without looking desperate at the same time. But if you’re still having a tough time making a woman you like look in your direction, here are the things that you need to keep in mind…

Maybe you have a bad posture.

Although a lot of men don’t pay close attention to their postures at all, having a bad posture can break your chances of captivating a woman. Besides making you look like you’re not that confident, slouching can also make her feel that you’re irritable, depressed or even just plain creepy.

Make it a point to always keep your back straight, shoulders upright and chin at an elevated angle. Apart from making you look more graceful and self-assured, women will also feel like you’re a nice guy and will easily gravitate towards you.

Maybe you don’t think before you talk.

A lot of guys screw up when it comes to getting a woman’s interest by simply saying the wrong things right from the start. Make it a point to come up with a nice sentence in your head first before even thinking about opening your mouth to avoid saying something disastrous.

Keep in mind that words are very powerful so make sure that you say the right things to a woman. Conceptualize the sentence that you would like to say first and then vocalize it. Now while this may sound a bit tough to pull off at first, always remember that practice makes perfect. This also makes you respond better when striking up a chat with a woman you like.

Maybe you are too self-conscious.

Now while putting on a mysterious air is one thing, being too self-conscious is something completely different. Women tend to consider guys who act rather awkward as red flags when it comes to establishing relationships, and you could lose a lot of opportunities of getting her interest if you always act this way. (Here are 4 seduction tips that are guaranteed to work.)

Make it a habit to forget about your inhibitions when you’re trying to get her attention. We all have our personal quirks and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. Thinking about them all the time will only hinder you from showing a woman your true personality. So better lose that awkwardness and make her feel that you’re Mr. Right fast.


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