Why Positive Thinking Is Essential During Sex

Why Positive Thinking Is Essential During Sex

Having negative thoughts during lovemaking is perhaps the easiest way to kill the mood. Depending on how you use it, your mind can potentially be your top sexual ally or your greatest enemy between the sheets.

So if you’re looking to amaze your lover even more the next time things get hot in the bedroom, let me give you a few superb reasons why positive thinking is essential during sex…

Reason #1: It helps you get rock hard on demand.

Positive thinking is all about feeling good about yourself and your sexual performance. Interestingly, the number one cause of erectile dysfunction among a lot of men is the lack of self-confidence. If you constantly think that something is going to go horribly wrong whenever you and your lover have sex, then you’ll definitely have a tough time achieving a stable erection.

Reason #2: It helps you build up her sexual arousal successfully.

You need to push a woman’s buttons carefully to warm her up for sex. And you’re going to have a difficult time pulling it off if your mind is filled with negative thoughts. Instead of making your lover want to jump in bed with you, you’ll only end up making her feel bored and disappointed no matter how hard you try. (Here are some superb kissing tips that will definitely warm her up in no time.)

Reason #3: It helps you lose your inhibitions in bed.

Some men tend to be very self-conscious during sex. They immediately suppose that their lovers might think that their penises are too short or their bodies are too fat, just right before a sex session starts. Not only does this make them quite restrained between the sheets, it will also make their performance in bed rather drab and robotic…which easily means a lousy time in bed with their partners.

Reason #4: It helps you last longer.

Having negative thoughts basically leads to sexual anxiety, which commonly leads to premature ejaculation. Now while it’s normal for all men to ejaculate quicker than they’d like during sex from time to time, simply thinking about your sexual shortcomings and weaknesses when you and your lover are getting frisky is enough to make you come in only a few thrusts.

Reason #5: It helps you take her sexual excitement off the charts.

Being negative during lovemaking is only going to ruin the whole thing for your lover. It distracts you from actually giving her the sexual satisfaction that she wants. You’re only going to fail at making her enjoy sex. What’s even more horrible is that you won’t possibly have a stable erection while at it, so no satisfaction for you as well.

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