How To Avoid Being A Bad Kisser

How To Avoid Being A Bad Kisser

Kissing plays a very significant role if you’re planning to get between the sheets with your lover. Now while giving your partner a great kiss can easily take her excitement levels off the charts, a terrible smooch can water down her fires of passion sooner than you expect.

Although you may think that you’re already a superb kisser, chances are there is still room for improvement. So if you’re looking to impress her even more with your kissing skills the next time you and your lover get frisky, here are a few key tips you need to keep in mind…

Take time to check and re-check your breath.

A lot of men simply lean in for a kiss without carefully checking first if their breath smells like what they had for dinner. She won’t definitely enjoy locking lips with you if your breath reeks of garlic and onions.

Make it a habit to brush and floss regularly to avoid grossing her out when you’re trying to kiss her. Bringing along a pack of breath mints is also a smart idea to get ready for the unexpected when things get too romantic.

Don’t rush things.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably want to jump into the kiss as soon as you have your chance. Taking things slow and easy should be your top priority when you kiss your lover. Besides making her feel more romantic, a gentle and relaxed kissing session is a surefire way to build up her sexual arousal.

Now while her lips should be your primary focus when kissing, make it a point to give considerable attention to other parts of her body as well. Graze your lips on her forehead, neck, cheeks, cleavage and even the back of the neck and you’re sure to electrify her senses while at it. (Take time to prep up your bedroom to make her sexually excited as well.)

Express your passion vocally.

Women tend to get more turned on when you show them your approval. Tell your lover how beautiful she is when you take a quick breath during a kiss. Say how attractive she is when you stroke her hair and give her cheeks a gentle peck. Make her feel like the prettiest woman in the world and she’ll be practically putty in your hands.

Don’t stop.

Some guys screw up their chances of giving their lovers a successful kiss because they tend to stop kissing and try to speed things up. Besides groping their lovers carelessly, they also try to undress them before the time is right.

Now while it’s natural that you’d like to take things up a notch when kissing your lover, always remember that patience is absolutely a virtue. Keep in mind that good things “come” to those who wait…just keep on doing what you do best and you’ll see yourself shedding off your clothes for a lovemaking session soon.

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