Why Your Bedroom Isn't Making Her Sexually Excited Anymore

Why Your Bedroom Isn’t Making Her Sexually Excited Anymore

The bedroom is definitely the most intimate room in the house. It’s your number one destination when you want to get it on with your lover.

Unfortunately a lot of men mistakenly take their bedrooms for granted. They allow them to be clutter storerooms rather than chambers where sexual satisfaction is encouraged and realized. If you think that your bedroom is losing its sex appeal, here are the possible reasons why…

Problem #1: You don’t remember to make your bed.

Now while it may sound rather simplistic and obvious, keeping in mind to make your bed every day is a very important step if you’d like your lover to become sexually excited in your bedroom again. Women are very particular with organization and they are most likely to get turned off when they see a messy bed.

Make it a point to carefully fix the sheets and arrange the pillows after waking up. Schedule a routine clean-up for your bedroom as well to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating. Don’t let clutter like old newspapers, mail and other stuff build up, either. Always remember that an organized bedroom is a romantic bedroom.

Problem #2: You use your bedroom for storage.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably have lots of random stuff lying around your bedroom. Besides making your bedroom feel cramped and uncomfortable, unless you have a very large bedroom your lover will also find it really tough to get sexually aroused if she can’t move her body freely.

Always remember to keep stuff not related to the bedroom away from it. Store your tools in the garage and find another place to keep your collection of comic books and toys. If something’s not about getting a restful sleep or getting romantic, then it doesn’t belong in the bedroom. Doing household chores like ironing and sorting out the laundry is off-limits to the bedroom as well.

Problem #3: You don’t add a touch of mood lighting.

Building up your lover’s sexual arousal becomes easier if you know how to excite her visually. Adding a bit of mood lighting to your bedroom not only gives the whole place a mysterious look and feel, but also saves you that awkward break when having to flip the light switch when things get steamy.

The most effective mood lighting choices include bedside lamps, portable night lights and perfumed candles, but these should be used with extreme care and caution to avoid injury and disaster. All you have to do is fire them up, play some romantic tunes and you’re sure to be in for some sexy business sooner than you think.

Problem #4: Your bedroom smells horrible.

Nothing says hot and sexy like a bedroom that smells great. You can easily use your favorite flowers or perfume to pull it off. Make it a point to spray fragrances liberally on the pillows, sheets and curtains to have the best effect as possible. Don’t forget to smell good yourself, so your lover will practically rip your clothes off in sexual anticipation.

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