How To REALLY Convince Your Lover To Try Anal Sex

How To REALLY Convince Your Lover To Try Anal Sex

I’m sure you’ve fantasized about having anal sex with your lover plenty of times already…just like millions of other men around the world.

The thought of full on penetrating her through the backdoor is simply too tantalizing to pass up. However, the odds that you’re going to convince your partner to willingly go for it probably aren’t great, unless you know a few key pointers.

Now while making her say yes to anal sex can be quite a challenge, it’s not an impossible feat either. So if you’re looking to successfully convince her to try anal sex soon, here are some very important tips you need to keep in mind…

Talk to her about it.

Convincing your lover to have anal sex is not as easy as asking her to make some room for you the next time you have sex. You’ve got to communicate your desire to her first or else she won’t be a willing participant in some anal stimulation no matter how hard you try.

Talking to her about anal sex easily gives you a lot of useful information about how to convince your partner to give it a go. Besides knowing her reasons why she isn’t that eager to try anal sex, you’ll also be able to think of the best strategy of how to ease up whatever stressors she has about it.

Get the mood right.

Your chances of convincing her to try anal sex are simply zero if you don’t make the mood and setting as perfect as possible. Making a beeline straight to her butt when things get hot in the bedroom will only get you nowhere.

Women are often very subservient when it comes to lovemaking and you can often encourage them try new things as long as they’re experiencing sexual satisfaction throughout. Make it a point to always give your lover an unforgettable time between the sheets.

Let her know that everything you do sexually will pleasure her each and every time…and she’ll be more than willing to give you access to her backdoor faster than you think.

Use lubrication. Lots of it.

A lot of women dislike the idea of anal sex because they think that it’s extremely uncomfortable to the point of being painful. So if you’re planning to convince your partner to have anal sex with you, having lots of lubrication handy should be one of your top priorities.

Unlike the vagina that has natural lubricating capabilities, the anus requires a liberal amount of artificial moisture to avoid making your lover swear off anal sex for life once you get full on penetrating her. Choose one that’s water-based to keep the possibility of her getting an inflammation or rashes down there very minimal.

Make the experience as pleasurable for her as you can.

Come to think of it, your lover is only going to let you enter her backdoor again if she thinks that anal sex is pleasurable. Get it right the first time and you’re sure to make anal sex a regular on your bedroom checklist. (Now that we’ve got that covered, here’s how you really hold her back from cheating.)

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