The Secrets To Holding Back Your Wife From Cheating

The Secrets To Holding Back Your Wife From Cheating

The thought of whether or not your wife will be unfaithful to you has, as with most guys, probably crossed your mind once or twice. And you’ve got good reason to think about the possibility of her straying, too, since social researchers claim that more than 20 percent of married women cheat.

Now while you may be confident that your better half will never wish to be in the arms of another man, not knowing a few important pointers has the potential turn her into a two-timer in the long run. So if you’re looking to keep your wife as loyal to as you can, here are the things you need to keep in mind…

Firstly, do not ever take your wife for granted.

A lot of guys think that they don’t have to be as romantic or loving to their wives as they used to be because they’re already married. They tend to become selfish and emotionally passive with their spouses, making them feel unloved, unwanted and unattractive.

Make it a point to actively nurture your relationship with your wife. Always acknowledge the good things she does. Let her know you love her every day. Go with your wife the next time she asks you to accompany her to join her in an activity like buying groceries or watching the latest romantic comedy. You may have a serious problem on your hands if she doesn’t want you along anymore. (Here are signs if she is just faking it in bed, too.)

Secondly, solve problems in your relationship with her.

Unlike what most men think, a healthy marriage is not one without problems. It’s rather the one where the husband and wife work together to solve whatever problems come their way. It’s normal for conflicts to happen and it’s your job to straighten things out with your wife immediately without being too assertive.

Some guys think that they should be the dominant one in their marriage because they are the husbands. And this is why a lot of wives tend to cheat because they want to be heard. Always allow your wife to have her say when you two are facing a marital problem…or else she’ll be looking for another man to listen to her more.

Thirdly, nurture an environment of trust.

No matter what you do, never make your wife feel that you’re snooping at her. Establish boundaries of what should be kept personal and the things that should be shared as a couple. Although it may be quite tempting to give her text messages and emails a quick peek, you’ll only trigger emotions of hate and distrust when she finds out.

Finally, understand why she gets irritated at you sometimes.

Wives get irritated at their husbands all the time. Don’t let the urge to get angry at your wife overcome you the next time she does. Doing this only demonstrates your lack of understanding of her, which fundamentally is probably why she is irritated with you in the first place. Instead take a breath and ask yourself why she is irritated.  Deeply appreciating your partner’s point of view will solve almost all relationship challenges.

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