Is She Just Faking It In Bed?

Is She Just Faking It In Bed?

Now while your lover may be moaning and groaning enthusiastically whenever you have a lovemaking session, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s enjoying the whole experience. Sure you may think that you already know the things that turn her on between the sheets, but there’s still a very big possibility that she’s just faking it.

So if you’re looking to improve your know-how when it comes to recognizing if your lover is just faking it in bed, here are a few important pointers to keep in mind…

Bed faking sign #1: She isn’t breathing heavily.

Women who are genuinely sexually aroused experience a lot of changes in their bodies. The most prominent of these is the speeding up of their heart rates, which makes them breathe faster and harder.

Your lover may moan and thrash in bed like a wildcat but if her breathing sounds quite normal, then she isn’t actually as sexually excited as she would like you to think. Just imagine how you’ll breathe after jogging for a few miles and you get the idea.

Bed faking sign #2: Her muscles are not tensing up.

Your lover is simply putting on a show between the sheets if her muscles aren’t tensing up during sex. Women who are genuinely sexually excited tend to have a sudden burst of adrenaline in their system and this makes their muscles tighten uncontrollably. These spasms mostly occur in the arms and legs and can be extremely noticeable if you hold a woman tight.

Interestingly, you can also find out if she’s really having an orgasm when she says so. The involuntary muscles around the vagina naturally contract around 3 to 10 times when a woman reaches her sexual peak. No amount of acting can easily fake that one. (Warm her up properly by using these superb massaging techniques.)

Bed faking sign #3: She isn’t that wet down there.

Having an extremely moist vagina is perhaps the biggest indicator that a woman is sexually excited. If she’s constantly reaching for lubricant the whole time, then there’s a big chance that she’s not truly into it. You need to give your lover a bout of foreplay that she won’t easily forget if you want her to be really wet and ready for action.

Bed faking sign #4: Your lover isn’t getting sweaty all over.

A woman’s body temperature rises up when she’s extremely sexually excited. This means that besides having skin that’s warmer than usual, she will also be perspiring heavily. You can easily tell that she’s just taking you for a ride almost immediately if her skin looks and feels normal.

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