How To Give Your Lover An Unforgettable Massage

How To Give Your Lover An Unforgettable Massage

Now while spending your time kneading your lover’s tired muscles may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to having a fun time in the bedroom, giving her an amazing massage is actually a very effective yet underrated approach to get her ready for much more in the bedroom.

However, not knowing a few useful pointers can easily make your attempts at the perfect massage fail miserably. So if you’re looking to surprise her the next time you let your fingers do some soothing magic, here are some key tips that you should keep in mind…

The ambiance counts a lot.

Coziness is a very important factor in making a massage as relaxing and tranquil as possible. Not properly prepping up the place where you’re planning to give your lover one can easily make the ambiance not as cozy as she would like to.

Besides keeping a close eye on cleanliness, it’s also critical to take on a minimalist approach when getting a room ready for a massage. The easier it is on the eyes, the more relaxing it will feel. Make sure you’ve only got the right number of pillows and blankets so she won’t feel like she’s just getting ready for bed.

Play the right music.

Your choice of music while giving your lover a massage is critical to make her feel as relaxed as you can. Make it a point to go for soft and calming tunes when building up your playlist. Commonly preferred genres include ballads, jazz, love songs and instrumentals.

Just in case you’re still having a tough time choosing which titles to get your hands on, you can simply key in “spa music” or “massage music” on your search engine bar. You’re sure to get lots of nice ideas from the search results that will pop up.

Organize your massage kit properly.

Now while simply massaging your lover’s tired muscles can in itself make her feel relaxed, having the right tools of the trade can take her pleasure levels off the charts. Electrify her senses by having a bottle or two of aromatic oils to make the experience more interesting.

Besides providing enough lubrication to allow you to work your way around your partner’s muscles easily, aromatic oils also have refreshing scents that rejuvenate the senses. The most popular choices include jasmine, vanilla, rose and lavender.

Take it slow and easy.

Massages are supposed to be done slow and easy. Rushing things will only lead to your lover’s discomfort and frustration. So if you’re looking to give her the satisfaction that she wants, you need to be very patient while at it.

Make sure you communicate with your partner while giving her a massage, too. You can raise your chances of satisfying her even more if you know which body parts to focus on and how soft or hard she wants to be massaged. (Why not take it up a notch with these 3 simple tips to naturally boost your sexual stamina?)

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