What Women Usually Worry About On A First Date

What Women Usually Worry About On A First Date

Getting ready for a first date isn’t just stressful for us men. Unlike what most guys think, it’s also tough for women as well. So if you’re looking to dazzle a woman the next time you go on a first date, make sure you keep these stressors in mind so you can take the pressure off and easily establish an emotional connection with her…

Worry #1: She won’t look nice.

Women worry about looks as much as, if not more than guys do when they’re prepping up for a first date. Apart from stressing about not having a stunning appearance, they also tend to be very anxious about whether their outfit will give their dates a positive impression.

Make it a point to compliment your date how beautiful she is the moment you two meet. Tell her how attractive she is. Say how nice her dress looks and how her shoes bring the whole outfit together. Be careful not to overdo the compliments though, because to keep her interested you still want to keep her guessing a little bit about how you feel about her. (Here are a few superb grooming tips that will definitely wow the ladies.)

Worry #2: She will look sloppy at the table.

Screwing up while having a meal together on your first date is one of the biggest stressors women have. They are afraid that they might look unattractive while eating or that their clothes might be stained while having a sip of wine. Women are basically terrified of being seen as messy and careless.

You can ease up a woman’s anxiety by keeping clear of posh restaurants when taking her out. Make sure you ask your date where she usually hangs around and take her there. Besides making her feel more relaxed, she’ll be also more open and talkative during your time together. This also helps you build an emotional connection with her.

Worry #3: She will not be able to carry out a meaningful conversation.

A lot of women are afraid that their dates might be more intelligent than they are and that they won’t be able to keep up when it comes to having a meaningful discussion. They greatly stress about being labelled as boring and uninteresting by their dates.

You can easily keep this from happening by allowing your date to decide which topics to talk about. Let her be the one directing the course of the conversation and don’t interrupt her when she’s talking unless you want to clarify something. Besides making her feel that you value her ideas a lot, women also have a soft spot for men who are good listeners…which makes date number two not so far away.

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