Grooming Tips That Will Definitely Wow The Ladies

Grooming Tips That Will Definitely Wow The Ladies

Knowing how to groom yourself properly is perhaps one of the most important things you have to master if you’re looking to successfully attract beautiful women. Now while you may think that you’ve learned all that there is to know about grooming, chances are there is still room for improvement.

Unlike what most guys think, proper grooming is more than just a quick facial wash and an obligatory shave. So if you’re looking to hone your grooming skills, here are some key pointers to keep in mind…

Firstly, start things off with a long shower.

Having a long shower actually achieves two things. Apart from allowing you to remove dirt and grime from your body that may eventually cause bad odor, it also promotes the release of hormones that boosts your happiness and confidence levels.

Whether you like a hot shower or a cold one, always see to it that you meticulously scrub your armpits, inner thighs and behind the ears with soap since these are the most common breeding grounds for bacteria that cause you to smell unpleasant.

Secondly, pay close attention to your oral hygiene.

Besides preventing tooth decay and gum problems, regular brushing and flossing also keep bad breath at bay, which can be quite a turn off for women. If you’re planning to improve your grooming know-how, then you’ve got to keep your oral hygiene in check.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably spend less than two minutes brushing your teeth and don’t care about flossing that much either. Well if you want to attract beautiful women you need to stop making this mistake, not only will improving your oral hygiene increase your attractiveness to women, but it can also help prevent serious health problems like mouth cancer and heart disease.

Thirdly, put more care and tenderness to your shaving routine.

Here’s a quick tip… Apply a hot towel on your face for at least 5 minutes before shaving to soften up the pores. This doesn’t just prevent the skin from drying up while you shave but also makes removing your stubble much easier. Don’t forget to wrap the whole thing up with a decent aftershave to get that macho scent and feel.

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