How Stress Can Ruin Your Sex Life

How Stress Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Going through stress from time to time is pretty much a normal part of any man’s life. However, experiencing extreme levels of stress that affect your sex life is definitely another story.

Now while you may not have thought about it, too much stress can easily ruin your sex life in the long run. Its effects may not be that obvious right now, but it can eventually lead to serious problems between the sheets if ignored.

Still unconvinced that stress can potentially take away the pleasure of making love with your partner? Here are a few facts that will surely change your mind…

Firstly, stress can drastically change your attitude.

Extreme levels of stress can pretty much turn an okay guy into someone who’s very sensitive, moody, whiny and more or less angry all the time. Just think how difficult it would be to convince your lover to have sex with you if you constantly act that way.

It really doesn’t matter how nice you are as a guy. Allowing too much stress to accumulate in your system will greatly alter your thoughts, feelings and attitude regarding yourself and other people in the long run.

Secondly, stress can make you feel constantly preoccupied.

Medical experts claim that going through minimal levels of stress can actually help you become a better person. Apart from helping you make smarter decisions, you can also respond to and solve problems quicker than usual. However, too much of it will only worsen you mental skills.

Extreme levels of stress not only make your thinking abilities poor but will also force you to become preoccupied most of the time…and that means you’ll have a very difficult time pleasuring your lover between the sheets. Not only will you find achieving a stable erection challenging, but you won’t last as long during lovemaking either.

Thirdly, stress can severely affect your health.

You can easily acquire a lot of serious health problems if you ignore accumulating stress levels. The most common stress-related issues include hypertension, stroke, heart disease, gastroenteritis as well as episodes of anxiety and depression.

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