3 Seduction Techniques You Need To Keep In Mind

3 Seduction Techniques You Need To Keep In Mind

Now while a lot of guys think that successfully seducing the ladies is all about having good looks, making a woman fall for you actually has much more to do with your personality.

So if you’ve been hung up about your looks or you think they’ve been holding you back… luckily there are things you can do that lie within your control to easily get a woman interested in you.

Here are some tips on what you can do to make your personality more attractive to women…

Be yourself.

Most men think that they need to be “someone else” in order to become sexually attractive to women. These changes can be either physical or emotional… Some guys put on clothes that they’re not comfortable wearing, while others drastically change their habits and attitude to appear cooler to women.

But before you wear a silly feather boa and start chain smoking because seduction experts on TV said so, always keep in mind that being yourself is the best way to attract the opposite sex. Women can easily sense that you’re just trying too hard if you don’t act natural.

Pay close attention to your hygiene.

Although appearances aren’t really that important to women, making it a point to look and smell your best should be a priority before socializing with them. Neglecting to send the right visual and nasal cues can easily break your chances of seducing a woman no matter how hard you try.

Don’t forget to take a long shower and shave off that stubble before heading out the door. Remember to use deodorant. Choose clothes that fit you properly and highlight your assets. Trim your fingernails. Brush and floss your teeth carefully. If you think that you look and smell like a million bucks, then you’re ready to meet the ladies.

Take things slow and easy.

Sexually attracting a woman is a process. It’s not something that can happen in an instant. Things like that only happen in the movies. Sure you may have zeroed in on the woman you like but instead of going full-on with your lover boy antics, remember to take things slow and start off by being friends with her.

Establishing a friendly relationship with a woman makes her feel closer to you and she can relate to you more. Just make sure you really mean it when you become friendly with her, because if she feels like you’re doing it just to get laid she’ll sense it immediately and run the other way.

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