How To Make Her Want To Try Anal Sex

How To Make Her Want To Try Anal Sex

The mere thought of getting a woman to try out anal sex is enough to send most men into a frenzy. If you’ve fantasized about getting some backdoor action with your partner for a while now but have so far failed, then it’s not time to give up just yet.

You simply have to keep a few pointers in mind to successfully pull the whole thing off. And they’re not as complicated as you think, either. Let me explain what I mean…

Communicate with her.

Expressing your desire to try anal sex with your partner should be your top priority.  She needs to be aware of your desires so she can get her head around the idea of actually trying it out.

Also don’t just tell her you’d like to try it when you’re in the middle of a lovemaking session. Discuss it with her in a more casual setting, while you’re not having sex.

Explain to her how much you’d like to experience it and also get her feedback on the subject. Now while this may sound surprising, some women are actually a bit curious to try anal sex and simply talking to them about in a non-pressure scenario may be all it takes to get their permission.

Stimulate her anus during foreplay and oral sex.

A lot of women are afraid to try anal sex because they think that it’s extremely uncomfortable. Show your lover that she can actually find the experience pleasurable by stimulating her anus during foreplay or when you’re giving her oral sex.

Always keep in mind to avoid rushing things or else she might feel a bit uncomfortable and think that the whole thing could be painful for her.

Oh, and don’t just focus entirely on her anus while you’re doing it. Stimulate it along with her other erogenous zones like the clitoris, inner thighs and breasts so she won’t feel awkward in any way. (Here are some more pointers on spicing things up in bed just to take her pleasure levels off the charts.)

Keep lubricant available at all times.

Unlike the vagina which lubricates naturally during sex, the anus needs to be properly prepped up before it can be sexually penetrated. Always remember to have a lubricant handy just in case your lover gives the go signal to try anal sex.

It’s important to choose a water-based variety because this type doesn’t easily cause allergic reactions with prolonged unlike their oil-based counterparts.

Besides lubricating her anus, make sure you apply a liberal amount on your penis as well to make sexually penetrating your partner as smooth and gentle as possible. And don’t forget to reapply more within the next few minutes to avoid getting her sore.

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