How To Stimulate Her Breasts Properly

How To Stimulate Her Breasts Properly

Stimulating your lover’s breasts the right way is essential when it comes to successfully warming her up for sex. Now while you may already see yourself as more than capable in this area, there’s still a chance that there’s room for improvement.

So if you’re looking to take your know-how to a whole new level and take your partner’s breast stimulation pleasure levels off the charts, here are the things that you need to keep in mind…

Make sure that she’s really comfortable.

Now while the thought of stimulating your partner’s breasts may be very exciting to you, never forget to prioritize her comfort before you get to it. Your lover has to be in a snug position where her back isn’t crooked in any way so she won’t feel sore while you get into action.

You can either have your partner on her back or sitting up when you stimulate her breasts. That way, you can have a lot of space to work with while ensuring that she won’t have a painful crick after a few minutes.

Start slow and easy.

Pleasuring your lover by stimulating her breasts isn’t about yanking down her bra and immediately sucking and licking them like crazy. Just like warming up her up for full on penetration, you have to take things as slow and easy as you can to get the best results.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to pick up the pace either. Once you notice that her body language has changed, try speeding up your licking, sucking and caressing a bit. If she doesn’t tell you to slow down, then you’re definitely in the clear.

Stimulate all of her breasts.

It really doesn’t matter if you prefer to suck or lick your lover’s breasts. What’s really important to keep in mind is that you have to stimulate all areas to really get her going. Unlike what most people think, it’s not just the nipples and areola that need to be pleasured. Make it a point to stimulate the underside and the edges of the breasts as well.

Ask her how she wants it.

Although you may already have an idea of how your partner wants her breasts to be stimulated, it’s a good idea to ask her what pleasuring techniques really give her the most satisfaction. Let her take the lead this time and guide you. Apart from allowing your partner to become more dominant during sex, she’ll also get the pleasure that she really wants. (Overlooking these 3 things can easily hinder her from getting bolder in the bedroom!)

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