The Possible Reasons Why She Doesn't Want Oral Sex

The Possible Reasons Why She Doesn’t Want Oral Sex

A lot of guys dread the thought of giving their lovers oral sex because they mistakenly think that it’s one of the most complicated bedroom techniques to master. Now while this may sound surprising, honing your oral sex skills is as easy as knowing the reasons why your partner doesn’t want it in the first place.

So if you’re looking to give her the oral pleasure that she’s always wanted the next time you get between the sheets, here are the possible things that you’re doing wrong…

You think of oral sex as a burden.

Most guys fail at oral sex even before they really got started because they think of it as a burden that they need to go through before they can sexually penetrate their lovers. Having this negative mindset can easily make your performance rather dull and boring.

Think of oral sex as something that enhances your lover’s sexual satisfaction. Consider it as a method to make her enjoy lovemaking more. You can even make her want to have as much sex as you like if you just played your cards right.

You take things too fast.

Unlike what most men think, oral sex is supposed to be something that should be done slow and easy for it to become as pleasurable to a woman. Simply yanking down your lover’s panties and getting down to business isn’t going to cut it.

Although the primary focus of oral sex is on the vagina and clitoris, you also have to stimulate your partner’s other erogenous zones like the breasts, inner thighs, stomach and back of the neck to take her pleasure levels off the charts. Always keep in mind that rushing things will only get you nowhere when oral sex is concerned.

You don’t communicate with her.

Women are pretty much submissive during sex and not asking your lover how she wants to be pleasured orally can make the whole experience boring. Make it a point to ask her to guide you each step of the way so you’re sure to give her the satisfaction that she really wants.

Ask her which body parts to focus on. Discover what erogenous zones really turn her on. Ask her how soft or hard she wants them to be stimulated. Sure it may sound a bit challenging at first, but you basically have to find out what her dream oral sex session is and you’re on the right track.

Just to wrap things up, here are 3 things you overlook that hinder your lover from getting bolder in the bedroom.

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