3 Mistakes That Will Hinder You From Winning Back Your Ex-Girlfriend

3 Mistakes That Will Hinder You From Winning Back Your Ex-Girlfriend

Let me give you the hard reality up front.

Winning back your ex-girlfriend is pretty much one of the most challenging things that you can ever go through as a man. However, unlike what most guys think, it’s not something that’s totally impossible either.

If you’ve been trying to win your ex-girlfriend back for a long time now but have so far failed, then perhaps you are making these very crucial mistakes…

Mistake #1 – You are not giving her enough space.

Breakups are extremely tough for women. Simply rushing to get back into a relationship with your ex-girlfriend after one is perhaps the biggest mistake that you will ever make if you want to win her heart again.

Now while your intentions may be good, avoid calling her up or sending text messages like you used to when you were still in a relationship. Unfortunately actions like this often make you look desperate and therefore only repel her even more from you.

Mistake #2 – You are not apologizing sincerely.

If she broke up with you you must have screwed up big time. Now while a lot of guys think that apologizing is not a manly act, you should say sorry to her wholeheartedly and mean it. Unless your ex-girlfriend feels that you are genuinely sorry, she won’t be able to forgive you.

Sincerely apologizing to your ex-girlfriend let’s her know that you want to make the relationship work and you are brave enough to admit that you’ve made mistakes that eventually led to your breakup. It truly takes balls to say sorry. Show your ex that you’re a real man and you might just convince her to give the relationship another try.

Mistake #3 – You are not assessing your role as a boyfriend.

Sure you might not consider soul-searching as something important to do but it will definitely help you assess your role as a boyfriend and possibly win the heart of your ex-girlfriend back. Start by asking yourself the most important question of all…how were you as a boyfriend?

Reflect on how you treated her as the other half of the relationship. Was she happy? Did you make her feel appreciated? How often did you spend time with her? Did you always make her feel special and needed?

Now while these questions may be a bit tough, these will easily help you understand why she broke up with you and become a better boyfriend if given another chance to be with her. (Now how about checking out these 5 confidence boosting tips that will dazzle women just to wrap it all up?)

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