How To Keep Your Wife From Cheating On You

How To Keep Your Wife From Cheating On You

No matter how long you’ve been married to your wife, there is still a possibility that she’s dreaming of being in the arms of another man if you’re not careful. Now while you may think that women aren’t as prone to infidelity as guys are, it has happened to more men than you might expect.

Fortunately, unlike what most people think, keeping your wife loyal to you is not really that complicated if you know what to do. So if you’re planning to keep your better half from cheating on you, here are a few important things that you should always keep in mind…

Firstly, if you screw up, apologize sincerely each and every time.

Sincere apologies mean a great deal to women and your wife could be already having thoughts of unfaithfulness if don’t have the habit of saying sorry and meaning it if you screw up. It takes a real man to apologize wholeheartedly and it’s the right thing to do as well.

The next time you screw up, make it a point that you say sorry like you really mean it. Now while a lot of guys think that apologizing is an act of weakness it’s really the opposite, you could lose your wife without a warning if you neglect saying sorry to her…and keep in mind not do the same mistake ever again when you do.

Secondly, make her feel extremely appreciated.

An unappreciated wife is an unhappy wife…and unhappy wives usually dream of being in the arms of other men who appreciate them. Neglecting to appreciate your wife regularly makes her feel that you don’t love her as much as before. Make it a habit of appreciating whatever good thing your spouse does for you whether it’s cooking breakfast or preparing your clothes for your business trip it’s important to show your appreciation.

It’s also a good idea to set aside time exclusively for your wife every day. Make her feel special. Do things for her that she likes. Make her feel extremely loved and cared for by you. Surprise her with flowers. Cook for her. Simply make your wife feel that you’re the perfect man for her.

Thirdly, pay close attention to your looks and personal hygiene.

Just because you’ve been married for a while doesn’t mean that you should simply disregard how you look and smell. Always pay close attention to your hygiene and never make her feel that you’re letting yourself go by not taking good care of your health.

Make it a habit to take long, regular showers and shave off any unkempt stubble. Use deodorant on a daily basis. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Dress appropriately when you’re going out. Make sure that you always look and smell like the way you did when you two were still dating.

Finally, always give her unforgettable sex.

Lovemaking is a significant part of being married. A lot of men have been cheated on by their wives because they failed to give their spouses the sex that they’ve always wanted. If you’re looking to keep your wife loyal to you, then you’ve got to make her look forward to getting between the sheets each and every time.

Make it a point to update your lovemaking playbook regularly. Start by communicating with your wife on what sexual components she would like to experience the next time things get steamy in the bedroom. Ask her what really turns her on. Try new positions while you’re at it, too. The more you know about your wife sexually, the closer you two will be as a couple. (How about checking out these tips on how to give her the oral sex that she really wants?)

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