How To Give Her The Oral Sex That She Really Wants

How To Give Her The Oral Sex That She Really Wants

Giving your lover the oral sex that she’s always wanted is not as complicated as you may think. Now while the idea of successfully pleasuring your partner down there using your mouth can a bit overwhelming, knowing a few simple tricks will easily help you master this challenging sexual technique.

So if you’re looking to wow her the next time you get between the sheets, here are the things you need to keep in mind…

You’ve got to have the right mental outlook.

A lot of guys think that oral sex as something that they have to go through or else they won’t be able to sexually penetrate their partners. This way of thinking usually results in the experience being far from being enjoyable when they do try to pleasure their lovers orally.

Although oral sex can be pretty intimidating for guys, just remember that the trick to giving your lover the kind of oral action she won’t easily forget is to put her pleasure above yours. Stop thinking of oral sex as a burden. Think of it as something you can enjoy because you get to make her feel so great.

You’ve got to communicate with her.

Communication plays a great role when it comes to making oral sex extremely pleasurable. Women have different preferences when it comes to how they want to be stimulated down there and knowing how your partner likes it is definitely an advantage.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions when you start getting down to business. Ask your partner how soft or hard she wants her clitoris and other erogenous zones to be stimulated and how fast she wants it as well. Asking questions like this will help you discover methods of stimulation you may not have been able to think of yourself.

You’ve got to take things slow and easy.

Rushing things is perhaps the biggest mistake that you will ever make when you’re planning to give your lover amazing oral sex. A great benefit of oral sex is slowly building up her arousal and satisfaction until she can’t take it anymore. Rushing things will only make the whole experience potentially uncomfortable for your partner.

Now while the primary goal of oral sex is stimulating her clitoris and vagina, you can also to pleasure her other erogenous zones like the inner thighs, breasts, sides of the stomach and similar spots that women find arousing. If you play your cards right, she’ll be the one instructing you to go faster as things really heat up. (And here are 3 simple reminders to give her the perfect kiss.)

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