3 Simple Reminders To Give Her The Perfect Kiss

3 Simple Reminders To Give Her The Perfect Kiss

Giving the perfect kiss is perhaps one of the most overlooked skills among guys. A lot of men think that kissing is something intuitive and that they don’t need to master it. Now while you may see yourself as a great kisser, there’s still a chance that there’s room for improvement …

The power of a great kiss is huge. Apart from making your lover look forward to your next kiss together, you can also improve your chances of getting her in bed and getting her to enjoy sex much more.

So if you’re looking to dazzle your lover the next time you move in for a peck on the lips, here are the things you need to keep in mind…

Slow and easy does it.

No matter how excited you are to kiss your lover, you’ve got to keep in mind to take things slow and easy.

Rushing things rarely leads to a highly pleasurable kiss. Your teeth could collide. She might not like the intensity. You could hurt her face with your stubble. You could accidentally bite her upper or lower lip. There are a lot of possible things that could go wrong if you’re not careful.

Always remember that patience is a virtue and she could prematurely end your smooch session right before you really got started if she thinks you’re a lousy kisser.

Keep your tongue in check.

Giving a woman a great kiss doesn’t mean flashing out your tongue as soon as you start making out. Unless your lover always had the fantasy of locking lips with a python, keep your tongue out of the action at the early stages of the kiss.

As I have pointed out earlier, starting out slow doesn’t just help you set the right mood for kissing but will also make gauging your lover’s interest much easier. Tease your lover a bit by giving her a few soft kisses. If she appears to be very receptive, don’t hesitate to get more adventurous.

Don’t slobber.

Now while kissing does involve exchanging a bit of saliva, make sure you keep it as minimal as you can. The last thing you want is for her to feel like she’s kissing a drooling drooling puppy, so remember to pull away discreetly and swallow if you feel that your lips and tongue are getting too wet. (It could be one of the reasons why your lover isn’t having as much sex with you these days, too!)

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