3 Reasons Why Your Lover Isn't Having As Much Sex With You These Days

3 Reasons Why Your Lover Isn’t Having As Much Sex With You These Days

Finding yourself in a sexual rut with your lover is perhaps one of the most depressing things that you can ever go through as a man. If you can’t remember the last time you two got between the sheets, then it’s time to assess the possible reasons why she isn’t too keen on making love with you these days.

Your partner’s loss of sex drive means that there is something that should be addressed immediately or else you could find yourself missing out on lovemaking for a very long time. So if you’ve tried lots of times to get things steamy in the bedroom again but have so far failed, here are the possible reasons why your lover isn’t having as much sex with you…

You are not being romantic to her anymore.

Romance plays an important role when it comes to setting the mood for sex with your lover. Unlike what most guys think, making her ready for some serious action between the sheets involves more than just a caress here and there or a quick peck on the lips.

Don’t hesitate to tap into your romantic side to boost your chances of convincing your lover to make love with you. Apart from setting the right ambiance by playing sweet music, you can also up the ante on romance by giving her a gentle massage to warm her up. Scattering fragrant flower petals on the bed and lighting some candles work like a charm, too.

You are not paying close attention to your hygiene.

How meticulous you are with your hygiene can easily make or break your chances of having sex with your lover. She won’t be that eager to jump into bed with you if you’re not sending out the right visual and nasal cues.

Make sure you look and smell nice before you give her even the slightest hint that you’re up for some lovemaking. Don’t forget to take long showers regularly and use deodorant. Brush your teeth at least twice every day. Make it a point to clean the bedroom more often as well so she’ll find it easier to get into the mood when you start getting into action.

You don’t last long in bed.

Giving your lover the sexual satisfaction that she wants requires being able to last long between the sheets (and getting a stable erection when things get steamy in the bedroom). Now while it’s inevitable that you’ll sometimes get too excited during lovemaking, it’s important to keep your excitement levels in check since it could lead you to experience unexpected premature ejaculation. Keep in mind the old adage that ladies always come first…especially in the bedroom.

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