5 Foods That Will Help You Become Better In Bed

5 Foods That Will Help You Become Better In Bed

Men have always been hearty eaters and they love sex as much as they love their food. However, a lot of guys unknowingly eat the wrong kinds of food that they eventually end up not performing as well as they should in bed.

Now while you may think that your overall health and diet are already satisfactory, there is still a big possibility that the stuff you are consuming is affecting your sex life. So if you’re looking to boost your performance in bed, here are the foods that should be on your menu more often…

Load up more on avocados.

Avocados have been very popular among ancient South American civilizations since it was believed to make men more virile and lasting when it comes to lovemaking. Studies reveal that avocados do contain an amazing amount of folic acid that helped increase libido and sexual stamina. No wonder Aztecs called them the “fruits of the testicle tree.”

Although avocados are usually made into salsa and savory sauces, you can also use them to make ice cream, smoothies and meringues. You can also simply mix avocados with cream and sugar and you’ve got yourself a tasty dessert.

Make it a point to have an oyster or two.

Nothing says virility like freshly shucked oysters. These shellfish are so high in zinc that medical experts say eating only a couple can rejuvenate your sexual vigor in no time. Regular consumption of oysters can also help you achieve a stable erection faster and boost your testosterone levels.

Oysters can be enjoyed raw or cooked, depending on your taste. They can be roasted directly on the grill with butter and herbs or perhaps with cheese and spices sprinkled on top. If you do decide to eat them raw, make sure that they are very fresh and are harvested from clean waters…or else your night of passion will turn into something nasty.

Celery is not just for garnishing.

Raw celery is one of the best sources of androsterone, a chemical hormone produced by the body that boosts your chances of attracting women. This hormone is released through sweat and has the same properties of pheromones found in male butterflies that are looking for mates during the breeding season.

If you’re not a raw celery guy, you can also mix it into your favorite soups, stews and other favorite dishes. Keep in mind that its potency goes down the longer it cooks, so better throw it in just before serving. Chewing celery also keeps bad breath at bay as well. (Here are other ways to deal with B.O. successfully.)

Don’t hesitate to grab a handful of nuts and seeds.

Maintaining an erection long enough to give your lover the sexual satisfaction that she wants is made easier when you regularly eat a variety of nuts and seeds. Apart from helping you lower your bad cholesterol levels, they also contain arginine, a type of amino acid that strengthens erections.

Nuts and seeds can be eaten raw or roasted and mixed in various dishes. They taste great when added to soups, salads and even ice cream. Just make sure not to burn them or else they will taste very bitter. The oils from seeds and nuts can also help make the heart stronger.

Have a banana and be sexually stimulated.

Bananas contain high levels of potassium and the enzyme bromelain, two chemical components that effectively reverse impotence and increase sexual stamina. They also have huge amounts of vitamin B that help you avoid getting tired easily when things get steamy in the bedroom.

Besides having a uniquely sweet flavor, bananas are also very versatile cooking ingredients. They can be used in cakes, pies and even the highlight of one of the most popular desserts ever, the banana split.

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