How To Deal With B.O. Successfully

How To Deal With B.O. Successfully

Now while smelling unpleasantly from time to time is inevitable in every man’s life, having a serious case of B.O. is a different story.

Unlike what most guys think, sweat isn’t the root cause of strong body odor. Although this may sound surprising, sweat is pretty much odorless…but it can be a breeding ground for acidic bacteria that cause that rather nasty smell that can send everyone running in no time.

It really doesn’t matter how fashionable your clothes are or perhaps how much money you’ve got in your wallet. You’re sure going to find life a bit more challenging if you have excessive body odor.

So if you’re looking to deal with B.O. successfully, here are the things you need to keep in mind…

Pinpoint what the major source of bad odor is.

While having B.O. generally means that you smell bad, identifying the specific problem area should be a priority if you’re looking to get rid of it as soon as you can. The most common areas to look into include the groin, armpits, feet and scalp. Keeping your oral hygiene in check is also an essential since bad breath is also a major B.O. contributor.

Make long and meticulous showers a daily habit.

Simply stepping in and out of the shower is not enough to keep B.O. at bay. You have to wash your whole body carefully, preferably with anti-bacterial soap, to make sure that bacteria won’t be multiplying in the common problem areas anytime soon. Don’t forget to dry yourself carefully as well. Damp skin is the ideal breeding ground for B.O. causing bacteria. Using deodorant or antiperspirant is also important.

Watch your diet.

What you have on your plate during dinner can unknowingly cause you to become more vulnerable to B.O. the least you expect. Apart from consuming moderate amounts of onions, garlic and similar edibles that can lead to bad breath, making it a point to eat spicy foods not too often can also help you prevent excessive body odor. Spicy foods, particularly those made with chili peppers, encourage heavy sweating which can lead to the development of bacteria.

Get rid of excess body hair.

Bacteria that cause B.O. love long and thick body hair since they can hide in them and multiply like crazy. If you notice that your chest or back hairs are growing too long, then it’s time to trim them or shave them off. Just keep in mind not to overdo it since the lack of hair can also lead to minor yet uncomfortable issues like sensitive skin and chafes. (Now here are 3 simple ways to get the perfect sleep.)

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