3 Simple Ways To Get The Perfect Sleep

3 Simple Ways To Get The Perfect Sleep

Prepping up for a good night’s sleep is more than just crawling into bed and counting sheep until you feel drowsy. There are actually ways to make your bedroom extremely conducive for sleep.

Although there is no magic cure that can instantly turn you into a sound sleeper, you can easily transform your bedroom into the perfect sleep destination if you just know a few tricks. So if you’re looking to get the best sleep you’ve ever had, here are the things you need to keep in mind…

Get a traditional alarm clock.

You may have a modern digital display alarm clock on your bedside to wake you up every morning. Now while it’s a handy tool to have to avoid getting up late for work, its bright LED display can easily disrupt your brain’s sleep impulses and potentially leave you awake all night long.

Apart from shaving off a few dollars’ worth from your electric bill, traditional wind-up alarm clocks are easier to use than their electronic counterparts. Plus, they don’t have bright LED displays that trick your brain into thinking that it’s already morning so you’re much more likely to stay snoozing all night long.

Load up on carbohydrates before bedtime.

The next time you find it tough going to sleep, having a bite of your favorite pasta dish or cereal might just help you get the slumber you need. Loading up on carbohydrates releases amino acids in the body that make you feel drowsy.

Just make sure not to eat too much or else you could put yourself at risk of having heartburn or a severe case of stomach gas. Keep in mind to limit your portion to a single serving, too. Avoid drinking too much carbonated drinks or coffee as well since the sugar and caffeine overload can make going to sleep really tough.

Stick with solid linen colors.

Your choices in bed linen colors can affect how well you can get the perfect sleep. Experts claim that choosing soft and solid shades of yellows, greens and blues can influence the brain to significantly decrease activity and help you become sleepy.

Keep clear from abstract designs when choosing pillows and blankets, too, since they can easily encourage the brain to become more active even though you are feeling tired. (Now how about discovering what women get stressed about on a first date?)

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