Things Women Get Stressed About On A First Date

Things Women Get Stressed About On A First Date

Now most men find preparing for a first date an extremely stressful activity, however, it’s not only guys who get anxious when it comes to making a good impression. Although few guys ever think about this… women worry just as much about first dates as us guys do.

So if you’d like to discover exactly what things women get stressed about on a first date, so you can ease those stressors, then pay close attention…

Here are some of the things women worry about…

Worry #1 – That she will turn out to be a lousy conversationalist.

Depending on how they’re carried out, conversations can easily make or break a first date. Guys are not only the ones who worry about the things that they will say on the big event. As it turns out, women are just as scared of sounding “lame” or boring.

How you can take advantage of it:

Start off your conversation with trivial subjects to make her feel that you’re easy to talk with. Ask your date what her favorite cartoon character is or what movie she recently watched. Just think simple and down-to-earth. You’ll be very surprised just how quickly she will become more outgoing and open.

Worry #2 – That she will look like unattractive while eating.

Women are very particular with modesty and cleanliness and making a mess while having a first date dinner is a common nightmare among women. Many women fear that they’ll look unattractive, or perhaps will be seen to eat too much or too little; every woman’s worries are different.

How you can take advantage of it:

Steer clear of taking her to a fancy restaurant for your first date dinner. Drop by her favorite bar or more casual restaurant instead. Apart from making her feel more relaxed since she’s in a familiar environment, your chances of scoring a second date with her will be much higher with her feeling friendly and sociable.

Worry #3 – She will discover she has nothing in common with her date.

Most women think that a first date will almost will become disastrous if they discover that they have nothing in common with the guy they’re with. She worries that if he finds out that her interests are a long way off from his, then he might label her as dull and boring.

How you can take advantage of it:

Don’t just focus on a single topic when having your first date conversation. This way, you can easily shift to another subject when she can’t relate to the one you’re talking about. Make it a point to prioritize listening to her rather than being the one listened to. Always keep in mind that women have a soft spot for guys who are good listeners.

Worry #4 – She might lean in for a first date kiss too early.

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably thought of scoring a passionate kiss right on the first date. Interestingly, from a woman’s perspective, she could be just as eager for the kiss as you, however, she may also fear that she might appear careless and “easy” if she’s the one to make the first move.

How you can take advantage of it:

Never force your date to do something she doesn’t like, however, also don’t be afraid to be the one to make the first move. Assuming you’ve played your cards right and she’s looking interested, she could already be waiting for you to make it, but if you never make that move you may never know if she would have been open to it. (Now how about discovering handy tips the next time you attend a wedding?)

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