4 Handy Tips To Remember The Next Time You Attend A Wedding

4 Handy Tips To Remember The Next Time You Attend A Wedding

There will come a time when a close friend or family member will say “I do” for better or for worse. And when that happens, you need to prepare more than just your wardrobe for the big event. You also need to take note of the following pointers to really get ready for the whole thing.

Let me explain what I mean…

A wedding is perhaps one of the most complex rites you can ever take part in. It’s supposed to be happy, sad, exciting, solemn and lively at the same time…and knowing how to successfully carry yourself during the entire ceremony can easily mean the difference between a great wedding and a horrible one.

If you’re looking to ace the next wedding you’ll attend, here are a few useful pointers to help you get started…

The right outfit is a priority.

When it comes to dressing up for a wedding, you should go for clothes that don’t just look good but also fit you perfectly. Also keep in mind to choose clothes that are made of materials that you are very comfortable with or else you’ll end up fidgeting and looking restless the whole time while wearing them.

Unless you really know what you’re doing… no matter how tempted you may be, keep clear of shirts with wide collars and colored jackets. Sticking with the classic look, particularly the traditional black dinner suit, bow tie, studs and cuff links, won’t just make you look more refined but will also let the other people attending the wedding know that you’re suave and fashionable.

Be on your best behavior.

Formal’s the word when participating in a wedding ceremony. It’s your job to be on your best behavior while the bride and groom are about to exchange their vows. Although the atmosphere will become a bit lighter in the reception, make sure you stay as prim and proper as you can the entire time.

Now here’s something that may really interest you…  When watching their friends enjoying their relationship during a wedding, bridesmaids are known to be thinking about finding a partner of their own.

In fact,  social researchers claim that there is a high proportion of people meeting their future partners at weddings so this could be your chance to snag your perfect mate.  This makes weddings an important time to be attractive to the opposite sex.

Make your gift extra special.

Buying a gift for a new husband and wife can be a bit tricky. Now while you may know what your close friend or loved one likes, but what about his or her spouse? The best course of action you can take is making your gift original, which means keeping clear from kitchen appliances and similar items. Chances are every other guest will buy them.

Lay off the alcohol until the ceremony is finished.

Just because you’re already at the reception doesn’t mean that you can drink as much as you want to celebrate for the newlyweds. Besides putting yourself at risk of being annoying, you’re sure not going to get a date anytime soon while being visibly drunk.

Although it’s easy to get carried away when someone else is picking up the bar tab, always keep moderation in mind when the drinks are being served. (Drinking too much can significantly affect your performance in bed as well, so do be very careful!)

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