Exposing The Myths Of Premenstrual Syndrome

Exposing The Myths Of Premenstrual Syndrome

Nothing is worse than premenstrual syndrome or PMS when it comes to striking dread and anxiety in the hearts of men. Guys have always lived long in fear of that time of the month when their lovers suddenly become moody, sensitive and seemingly lost to all sense of logic.

However, the thing is that there is really nothing to be afraid of when it comes to your partner’s monthly cycles. Studies show that what we fear about PMS are mostly myths that are a long way off reality.

Let me explain what I mean…

Myth #1: Women experiencing PMS are angry all the time.

Unlike what most guys believe, women haven’t lost their ability to relax and calm themselves when they go through PMS.

Now while you may see your lover as a walking time bomb whenever her monthly cycle comes around, medical researchers claim that this change in her behavior is primarily attributed to the build-up of hormones in her body that make her more honest than usual.

When PMS occurs, your lover is basically more vulnerable to say what she is really feeling and thinking about rather than dealing with it quietly. Since her honesty hormones are on overdrive, she simply can’t help but get irritated about the things that annoy her the most. Just remember to be extra careful when dealing with her during this time and you’ll be alright.

Myth #2: PMS makes women extremely illogical.

A lot of guys think that it’s useless to argue with a woman experiencing PMS because they have seemingly lost all their sense of reason. Some even wonder if their lovers have become temporarily insane.

Men believe that their lovers aren’t as clear-headed when they go through PMS. They think that even the most trivial subjects like who left the toothpaste cap on and whose turn it is to take the garbage out can easily spark an argument.

Experts maintain that women do not suffer from any temporary mental impairment or similar problems when they experience PMS. Along with their memory and sense of awareness, women’s emotional intensities are just heightened during this time, leading to sudden outbursts that men can easily think of as illogical.

Myth #3: Women hate sex when they experience PMS.

This is perhaps the biggest myth involving women and PMS that most guys mistakenly believe.

According to experts, women may be more interested to get between the sheets when their cycles change than at any other time of the month. What stops men from actually directing affection to their lovers’ way is the wrong belief that PMS makes women hate sex.

Don’t hesitate to warm your lover up the next time you’re feeling a bit frisky. Just remember to avoid mentioning PMS or else you could blow your chances. Why not check out these 3 simple ways to last longer in bed and give her maximum sexual pleasure while at it?

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