3 Simple Ways To Last Longer In Bed

3 Simple Ways To Last Longer In Bed

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably experienced that awkward moment when you’ve orgasmed quicker than you’d like to.  Now while there isn’t any “magic” cure when it comes to lasting longer during sex…there are simple techniques you can use to extend how long you last in bed.

So if you’d like to discover exactly what these techniques are, then pay close attention…

Think about her pleasure.

Most men tend to ejaculate prematurely because they primarily focus on the pleasure and sensations that they’re going to experience during sex. They unknowingly get too excited in the process and lose control of their arousal levels.

So the next time you and your lover get frisky, instead of focusing on all the pleasure you’re going to experience think about the pleasure you’re going to give her instead. Doing this will not only prepare your mind to not get carried away, but it will also guarantee to give her mind-blowing sex too.

Masturbate regularly.

Now while some guys may think that masturbation can reduce how long you last in bed, pleasuring yourself on a regular basis can actually help you last longer if done right.

See, not only can masturbation help you become more in tune with your arousal levels during lovemaking, it also gives you an idea about where your sexual limits are, keeping you always aware of when you’ll likely to ejaculate. (On a similar note, here are the top reasons why you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction.)

Distract yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, the mind plays a significant role in lasting longer in bed. If you tap into its potential you can easily use it to your advantage to prolong your next sex session.

So… One very simple trick to pull it off is by distracting yourself.

You may have heard of the classic saying “think about baseball” when dealing with ejaculating earlier than you’d like.

Now while it may sound simplistic, there is actually scientific proof that distracting yourself can extend your time between the sheets.

Medical researchers claim that shifting your focus from one boring thought to another during lovemaking can help you trick your mind to significantly lower your arousal levels. So the next time you feel getting closer to your sexual peak, think about filling out your tax form or giving your car a wash. You’re sure to last longer that way.

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