The Top Reasons Why You're Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

The Top Reasons Why You’re Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re currently experiencing erectile dysfunction, then before you reach for medicines that claim to get you rock hard almost instantly, it really pays to know the reasons why you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction first, because it could be that your situation can be fixed with 100% natural methods.

Here are the things you need to take note of as possible reasons for not achieving a stable erection as quickly and as often as you like…

You are a couch potato.

Having a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t just put you at risk to a number of potentially serious health problems in the long run. It will also affect your ability to get an erection and maintain it long enough to make lovemaking possible.

Now the good news is that regular exercise doesn’t have to mean signing up to the gym and putting yourself through hours of pain… Sweating it out for just half an hour daily will keep the blood flow in your body at optimum levels. Since getting an erection requires sending a significant amount of blood to your penis, making exercise a regular part of your schedule is definitely a must to get rock hard when you want to.

You smoke and drink too much.

Indulging in too much alcohol and tobacco regularly has been medically proven to constrict blood vessels. As I just pointed out, achieving a stable erection requires proper blood flow to the penis. Without it, you’ll stay limp no matter how hard you try even when things get really steamy in the bedroom.

Although some nutritionists claim that having a SMALL daily serving of your favorite wine or brew does have its benefits, smoking like a chimney will only lead to life-threatening diseases like emphysema and lung cancer. Make it a point to start drinking moderately and kick your smoking habit for good as soon as possible.

You have a poor diet.

Regularly loading up on junk food is perhaps one of the most harmful habits for significantly reducing your ability to get hard between the sheets. Plus, having a diet heavy on sweets and fatty foods won’t just make it tough for you to achieve an erection but can also lead to severe health issues like hypertension, diabetes and stroke.

Now while there’s no problem enjoying pizza, ice cream and similar foods occasionally, making fruits and vegetables the top components of your diet is a must if you’re planning to get rock hard when she’s in the mood.

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