Why You Need To Start Exercising More In Order To Become A Better Lover

Why You Need To Start Exercising More In Order To Become A Better Lover

Now while this may sound surprising, making it a point to work out regularly can help you become significantly better in bed.

Let me explain what I mean…

Interestingly, exercise and lovemaking share some remarkable elements with each other. Apart from the fact that both activities require lots of stamina to carry out successfully, they can also be physically exhausting.

This simply means that if you don’t have the energy and endurance to last long when working out, chances are you won’t also last long enough in bed to really give your lover the sexual satisfaction that she wants.

Just in case you’re still not convinced about integrating regular exercise into your schedule, here are a few more reasons that will surely make you want to start sweating it out as soon as possible…

Exercise makes your lungs stronger.

Having lots of stamina simply means that your body is able to generate massive amounts of energy during strenuous activities. However, you won’t be able to harness this energy if you don’t have the ideal lung power to match.

Oxygen is an important factor when it comes to releasing energy in the body. Exercising regularly expands the capacity of your lungs so that they can take in more oxygen whenever you need an energy boost. The shorter it takes for your body to replenish oxygen, the longer it will take to make you feel exhausted during lovemaking.

Working out helps you achieve a stable erection easier.

One interesting fact about exercise is that it helps promote optimum blood flow in the body. Achieving a stable erection and maintaining it long enough to make sex possible means directing enough blood to the penis. Without it, you’ll only stay limp no matter how much you want to become hard.

And while we are on the subject, the lack of exercise also makes you more susceptible to a number of health problems like high blood pressure, which can eventually lead to other potentially serious risks like stroke and cardiovascular issues. Plus, an intense daily 15-minute workout is all it takes get started.

Exercise can make you look sexier.

Aside from helping you shed off excess pounds, regular exercise also tones muscles and gets rid of unsightly folds of fat that could easily make you lose brownie points in the looks department. Plus, it strengthens muscles as well so you won’t feel worn down so quickly the next time things get steamy in the bedroom.

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