Why Being Boring Can Make Your Girlfriend Leave You

Why Being Boring Can Make Your Girlfriend Leave You

No matter how long you and your girlfriend may have been together, there is always a chance that you could lose her unexpectedly if you’re making a seemingly insignificant mistake in your relationship.

Now while this may sound surprising to most guys, being boring is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that you’ll ever make when it comes to maintaining a stable romantic relationship with your sweetheart.

If you’re still not totally convinced why being boring can make your girlfriend leave you, here are a few very compelling reasons why…

She doesn’t feel the romantic spark anymore.

Excitement is an important factor when making a romantic relationship with your girlfriend as steady as possible. You need to make her feel thrilled at every chance you get or else she will eventually start to think that you don’t love or care for her anymore.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that relationships tend to mellow down as time goes by. However, this is entirely the opposite in your girlfriend’s point of view. She expects that your relationship should become deeper and more exciting the longer you’re together.

The odds that your girlfriend will leave you are extremely high the moment she feels that you don’t exert as much romantic effort as you used to. Always remember to keep her on her toes as often as you can and she’ll never want think of being with anyone else.

She doesn’t get the sexual satisfaction that she wants.

Now while you know by now where the best places are to stimulate your girlfriend during foreplay and the positions she likes during sex, it doesn’t mean that you should not explore new ways to pleasure her in bed.

Always make it a point to update your sexual moves as often as you can. Besides regularly discovering a new position to make things more interesting in the bedroom, it also pays to learn a new foreplay technique or two to really warm her up before sex. (Here’s why you’re really not getting it up during sex anymore.)

She thinks that you don’t impress her visually anymore.

A lot of men tend to forget that looks count a lot when it comes to keeping a woman in love with them deeply. Sure you may have already made your girlfriend fall for you a long time ago, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop prepping up like an A-list celebrity would.

Specific areas to focus on include taking regular showers, shaving properly and dressing up appropriately when you’re with your girlfriend. Keep in mind to look and smell as sharp as you can and she’ll definitely stick with you for a very long time.

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