Why You're Really Not Getting It Up During Sex

Why You’re Really Not Getting It Up During Sex

No matter how long you’ve been going at it between the sheets, there comes a time when you’ll have difficulty achieving a stable erection the least you expect it. Just picture yourself getting frisky with your lover one minute, then you suddenly discover that you’re having trouble getting it up the next.

Now while this may sound surprising, failing to get hard sometimes when things get steamy in the bedroom doesn’t automatically mean that there’s something wrong with your little buddy…unless you’re experiencing it just every time you get ready for sex.

There is only one very likely reason that you’re having a tough time getting an erection and keeping it long enough to make lovemaking possible.

You aren’t just relaxing enough.

Let me explain what I mean…

Relaxation is a significant factor when it comes to getting rock hard between the sheets. Being rather anxious or perhaps having a bit too much on your mind during sex can easily screw up your ability to achieve a stable erection.

Although it’s quite normal to experience stress and other factors that could somewhat affect your ability to rise up to the occasion at some point, going through a lot of them at one time only means your chances of getting hard are going to be very slim.

So if you’d like to discover exactly how to get rock hard each and every time you want, let me key you in on two things that you need to take note of…

Think only of sex on your next lovemaking session.

Depending on how you use it to your advantage, your mind can either be your greatest ally or your worst enemy during sex. A lot of men tend to stay limp no matter how hard they try simply because they think too much of other things when getting between the sheets.

Sure you may have deadlines to catch and similar pressing obligations to attend to but the bedroom is no place to think of them. The moment you and your lover start getting frisky, just think of the things you’ll do to make your sex session unforgettable and you’ll be surprised how fast you’re going to get a stable erection. (Here are 3 simple tips that will help you spice things up in the bedroom to get you going.)

Include regular exercise in your schedule.

Being overweight and having an unhealthy lifestyle won’t just virtually shave off a few years from your total lifespan but will also make achieving an erection challenging.

In a more technical perspective, getting rock hard involves having an ample supply of blood flow to the penis. Having excess body fat and a sedentary lifestyle, however, can eventually clog arteries where blood flows to all parts of the body. Do you see the connection here?

Unlike what most guys think, regular exercise isn’t just for fitness fanatics. Sweating it out for at least half an hour daily won’t just guarantee that you’ll stay in tiptop shape but also have a stable erection when you want it.

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