How To Make Your Lover More Daring In The Bedroom

How To Make Your Lover More Daring In The Bedroom

If you’re anything like most men you’ve probably fantasized about having a lover who is more adventurous in bed. Now while many guys think that the odds of making their partners bolder between the sheets are very slim, there are actually ways to pull it off.

So if you’ve tried making your partner more daring in the bedroom many times already but have so far failed, here are a few simple tricks that will help you do just that easily…

Encourage her to tell you her dirtiest sex fantasies.

While most women may be rather conservative between the sheets, you’ll never believe how kinky they really are if given the opportunity to let out their dirtiest sex fantasies. Instead of getting down to business immediately the next time things get steamy in the bedroom, make sure you ask her first what sexual positions that she’s always wanted to try.

You will be very surprised with the erotic ideas that your lover has up her sleeve. Apart from discovering a new technique or two to really get her going in bed, as she talks more about them she’ll also become more comfortable sharing her innermost sexual desires with you.

Allow her to take the lead during sex.

Letting your lover assume a more dominant position on your next lovemaking session greatly encourages her to explore her sexual side even deeper. Besides making your lover feel more “in command” of the situation, she will also become more daring to give sexual positions and techniques that are quite taboo to her a try.

Perhaps the best way to do this is by integrating role-playing games the next time you have sex with your lover. The secret here is making the whole thing as fun and imaginative as you can. She could be a police officer arresting you, the criminal or a nurse disciplining a misbehaving patient…you get the idea.

Patience is a virtue.

Now while I may have emphasized earlier that there are a few simple tricks that will help you make your lover more daring in the bedroom, it doesn’t mean that following these tips will give you the results you want overnight.

You have to be very patient when trying to make your partner more adventurous between the sheets. Rushing things will only result in disaster. You’ll only screw things up if you’re making her do things she doesn’t want to. (By the way, here’s how you can really get her to want to have sex.)

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