How To Really Get Her To Want To Have Sex

How To Really Get Her To Want To Have Sex

Unlike what most guys think, properly arousing your lover doesn’t just happen the moment you get between the sheets. Getting your partner really going for a lovemaking session begins way before you step into the bedroom.

Let me explain what I mean…

Your lover isn’t physically wired to get sexually aroused as quick as you do. She needs to be warmed up properly or else your chances of successfully getting her in bed will be very slim. Here are the things you need to take note of that will really get her to want to have sex…

Boost her adrenaline levels.

The next time you plan a romantic getaway with your lover, simply upping the ante on excitement can get her aroused faster than usual. Making a woman feel extremely excited naturally triggers her brain to produce higher amounts of dopamine, a chemical hormone that helps increase her sex drive.

Rather than taking your lover to a dinner and a movie, get her out of her comfort zone by going hiking or skydiving. Make her see you both as a source of extreme excitement and security.

Trust me, you’re going to see her sexier side the moment the two of you get alone.

Kiss her passionately.

Most men tend to do away with kissing the longer they’re with their lovers. However, you’re sure to miss out a lot between the sheets if you don’t have the habit of giving her a lingering smooch even if it doesn’t lead to a lovemaking session.

Now while a passionate kiss may not mean a lot to most guys, it is definitely something to women. Apart from making your lover feel even sexually closer to you, relationship experts also claim that giving her a kiss to remember on a regular basis is also one of the easiest ways to make her look forward for a round or two in bed.

Stock up black licorice.

The next time you go on a picnic or some other activity where you bring along your own food, don’t forget to have a few packets of black licorice with you. Medical researchers claim that besides being a very unique and tasty snack, this sweet and salty treat also speeds up the flow of blood to the genitals among women by more than 20 percent.

Now if black licorice isn’t at the top of her list when it comes to satisfying sweet cravings, it can still be easily mixed with other treats like chocolate and candies. Remember to munch on a few ones yourself to help you rise up to the occasion as well. (Now how about discovering why you’re really not giving her an orgasm anymore?)

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