How To Bring Back The Passion In The Bedroom In Marriage

How To Bring Back The Passion In The Bedroom In Marriage

Most men unexpectedly find themselves in a sexual rut after a few years of marriage. Apart from seeing themselves not having the great sex that they used to enjoy with their wives, they also discover that their spouses just aren’t as interested as often as they’d like them to be.

If you think that the passion in the bedroom has already vanished from your marriage, there are actually simple ways to turn this situation around. To get your wife looking forward to sex as much as you do, here are the things you need to take note of…

Assess your role as the other half of the relationship.

Most guys tend to automatically blame their wives when they feel that the sex has become dull after a few years of being married.

But blaming your wife for your deteriorating sex life is perhaps the biggest mistake that you will ever make if you’re looking to bring back the passion in bed with her. Always remember that you’ve also got to evaluate your role as the other half of the relationship. Start things off by assessing if you’re really giving your wife the sexual satisfaction that she wants.

Talk things over with your wife.

Communication is one of the most important elements of a stable marriage. The absence of it will eventually also begin to affect your sex life. Before doing anything else when you find yourself not having as much great sex, make sure you talk things over with your spouse first to know what the problem really is.

No matter how exciting your sexual techniques may be, if you’re not constantly updating them there will come a time when they’ll become predictable and routine to your wife. Make it a point to talk to her and ask her what she wants to experience the next time you get between the sheets. Get her sexual fantasies out in the open and you’ll be surprised with the positive changes they will bring.

Update your sexual playbook.

As I have pointed out earlier, even the most awesome sexual techniques that you have can become rather bland sooner or later in marriage. Apart from learning new positions between the sheets, it is also a good idea to discover fresh ways to warm her up like giving her superb oral sex and stimulating her different erogenous zones. You will be very amazed what a change or two can bring into your sex life. (Now how about discovering why you’re really not giving her an orgasm?)

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