Why Foreplay Is a Priority During Sex (And A Few Tips How To Do It Properly)

Why Foreplay Is a Priority During Sex (And A Few Tips How To Do It Properly)

A lot of guys simply don’t understand that most women do not get sexually aroused as easily as men do. They mistakenly believe that since they can get ready for a lovemaking session in less than a minute, women are the same.

Of course, women don’t get in the mood for sex at the drop of a hat. And this is the biggest reason why you need to pay more attention to and become an expert in foreplay. She needs to be properly warmed up first or else you’ll end up having a rather dull time between the sheets.

So if you’d like to discover exactly how to give your lover the kind of foreplay that she won’t easily forget, let me key you in on the things you need to take note of…

Start things off with the right mindset.

Most men tend to see foreplay as a burden rather than something that can give their lovers sexual satisfaction. They think that stimulating their partners’ erogenous zones is a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, this attitude greatly reduces the amount of pleasure that they can give when they tease and touch their lover’s sensitive areas like the breasts, inner thighs, clitoris and the back of the neck.

Start thinking of foreplay as a way to get your lover enjoy sex more. Apart from getting your partner ready for lovemaking, doing it the right way also helps her more  aroused than usual and achieve orgasm faster.

Slow and easy is the way to go.

When it comes to foreplay, rushing things is perhaps the biggest mistake that you’ll ever make. Always remember that women’s bodies are not wired to get sexually aroused as quickly as men. You’ll only end up screwing the whole thing up if you try and rush through the process.

Patience is a virtue when foreplay is concerned and taking things slow and easy should be your top priority. You won’t be able to build up her sexual tension properly if you go  too fast. Sure it may take a bit more time than you’re used to to really get her going but it’s definitely worth it.

Make her talk.

Although you may already have an idea which erogenous zones to stimulate, it is also very important to get your lover talking while you’re at it to give her as much sexual pleasure as possible. All you have to do is ask her which areas to focus on and how soft or hard she wants them to be stimulated.

Always remember to find out which erogenous zone gets her breathing deeper and faster at the same time. That’s a strong sign that she’s enjoying it and wants more. Keep up the same level of stimulation without stopping and she’ll soon be begging you to enter her.

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