Why Masturbation Actually Helps You Become Better In Bed

Why Masturbation Actually Helps You Become Better In Bed

Masturbation is often considered to be a harmful activity when it comes to impacting your sex life. Apart from claims of making men infertile and eventually causing guys to not have stable erections, it is also blamed for perhaps the most common sexual problem guys can experience between the sheets, which is premature ejaculation.

But what if I told you that masturbation can actually improve your sex life by helping you give your lover the sexual satisfaction that she’s always wanted? While this may sound surprising, going solo regularly can actually help you become better on your next lovemaking session. Let me explain what I mean…

Masturbation helps you become more familiar with your sexual arousal levels.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that having sex is one of the most exciting things that you can ever experience. However, some guys find sex so exciting that they end up orgasming a lot sooner than they’d want to.

Regular masturbation helps you become more in tune with your body’s sexual arousal levels. Besides giving you an idea of when you usually reach the point of orgasm, occasionally masturbating also lets you learn to control your sexual excitement so it won’t go off the charts all of a sudden during lovemaking.

Masturbation helps you become smoother during sex.

A lot of guys use the stop-start method to prevent ejaculating prematurely. The challenge with this technique is that most women don’t find it satisfying since it not only interrupts the stimulation they get during sex but also makes intercourse quite rough and boring.

Masturbating regularly solves this problem by helping you time your thrusts evenly so that your lover will get the pleasure she wants from start to finish but won’t feel that you’re hurrying to finish up in the process. Since you are already aware when you’re most likely to reach orgasm, you’ll know when to pick up the pace and slow down during sex.

Now that we’ve got that covered, how about learning why you’re not getting her naked no matter how hard you try?

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