Why You're Not Getting Her Naked

Why You’re Not Getting Her Naked

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably experienced missing out on an opportunity to make sweet love to a woman simply because you couldn’t get her naked. Now while making her shed her clothes can be a challenge, it’s not impossible to pull off either.

Now I’m not implying that there is a magic bullet when it comes to getting a woman naked. But what I am driving at is that there are ways to boost your chances of doing making it happen.

To have her want to take off her clothes when things get steamy, here are the things you need to take note of…

Give yourself a proper makeover.

It’s really important that you send out the right visual and nasal cues if you’re looking to score between the sheets after a date or some other social event. In simpler terms, you have to look and smell great to actually make a woman you like to want to get naked with you.

Assuming you know enough not to show up in your underwear and a cowboy hat for a date, you basically have to give women a reason why they should be attracted to you to eventually get them in bed. Looking and smelling great is a priority and even the place where you’ll take her for lovemaking should smell and look nice as well.

Privacy is essential.

Unlike what you see in most porn movies, most women aren’t comfortable taking their clothes of in just any place.

You’re much less likely to see her shedding even a single item of her clothing if she thinks the place you’re in is not private enough. Apart from picking a secure room to get her going between the sheets, also keep in mind to keep windows and doors locked while you’re at it.

Also, since some women are quite conscious with their bodies, dimmer switches are quite handy to help her get her more comfortable to bare her body.

Keep an eye on the temperature.

No matter how fired up a woman is to jump into bed with you, you’ll never convince her to take off all her clothes if it’s just too cold. While there may be other places aside from your bedroom where she can easily get naked, make sure that it’s nice and toasty and not even remotely chilly…or else she’ll keep her outfit on no matter how hard you try.

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