Secrets On How To Make A Good Impression On A First Date

Secrets On How To Make A Good Impression On A First Date

Making a good impression on a first date is not as difficult as most guys think. Assuming you know enough not to show up on a first date looking like a hobo it’s actually pretty easy to make a good first impression.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started…

Firstly, it’s completely normal to feel a bit anxious.

Feeling a bit jittery when you’re taking out a girl for the first time is totally natural. And instead of being something to worry about going through mild anxiety on a first date can actually be a good thing. Let me explain what I mean…

Experiencing low levels of anxiety can actually help you become more focused during a first date. Apart from becoming more aware of your body language when you’re interacting with a woman, you also get to be more careful with your choice of words.

Even if you find yourself getting very nervous, don’t worry too much, because first date anxieties usually go away in a few minutes. And interestingly, chances are your date is also a bit anxious so be the first to relax and take the lead in making the whole experience an enjoyable one.

Secondly, knowing how to break the ice smoothly is a must.

Allowing a woman to get bored on a first date is perhaps one of the biggest blunders that you could ever make. Showing your date that you are a good conversationalist not only makes it easier for you to start a meaningful chat going but also allows her to become more open in sharing intimate details about herself.

Also, becoming a good conversationalist is not as tricky as you think. While the term “conversationalist” may sound a bit technical, it’s basically just the skill of knowing which topics to break the ice with and learning how to listen attentively.

If you still can’t seem to think of a nice way to start a lively discussion with your date ask her what her favorite romantic comedy is or the name of her first pet. Easy questions like this will have her opening up to you in no time.

Finally, never act like a phony.

Although demonstrating confidence to a woman on a first date is important for developing her attraction to you, acting like a pretentious big shot will instantly kill any attraction you’ve developed so far. Always remember that women have an uncanny ability to sense if they are just being taken for a ride. The moment she feels that you’re inauthentic, say goodbye to your chances of taking her out again for a second time.

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