Possible Reasons Why You're Having A Tough Time Getting An Erection

Possible Reasons Why You’re Having A Tough Time Getting An Erection

Failing to get hard when things get steamy in the bedroom is not just embarrassing but also very frustrating. Of all sexual setbacks a man can ever go through, being unable to achieve an erection during a lovemaking session is perhaps the most upsetting.

Although experiencing erectile dysfunction now and then is quite normal for most guys, there are a few reasons why some men experience it more often.

Now pay close attention to discover what they are…

Being a couch potato.

Now if you don’t regularly work out you may think that doing so is something exclusively for health fanatics. But nowadays that just isn’t true.

Improving your chances of getting an erection each and every time can be as easy as adding regular exercise to your list of daily activities.

And apart from drastically reducing your chances of achieving and maintaining a stable erection to make sexual intercourse possible, having a sedentary lifestyle also puts you at risk of eventually developing serious health problems like hypertension, stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Being over-stressed.

While the scientific research shows that experiencing minimal levels of stress every now and again can help you think a bit clearer and become more focused, going through too much of it at can easily make getting an erection extremely challenging.

Make sure you take a moment to consciously relax as soon as you feel that you’re becoming overly sensitive and can’t seem to concentrate properly on even the simplest of tasks. Whether it’s emotional or physical stress that you’re experiencing, ignoring it will only lead to erectile dysfunction sooner or later.

Smoking and drinking excessively.

Aside from making you susceptible to a lot of life-threatening diseases like liver cirrhosis and lung cancer, indulging in too much alcohol and tobacco also messes up your ability to get an erection by constricting the blood vessels and arteries which carry blood to your penis.

Although medical researchers claim that having a moderate serving of your favorite alcoholic drinks like wine and beer daily can help your heart become stronger, smoking is simply a habit that you need to get rid of as soon as possible if you want to keep clear of erectile dysfunction and live longer.

Not having a proper diet.

Now enjoying a fast food meal once or twice doesn’t hurt, but eating take-out on  a regular basis will definitely lead to problems in achieving a stable erection. And having too much saturated fat, salt and sugar won’t just lead to high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, but also the development of blockages in your arteries that could make getting hard when you need to really tough.

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