Why Your Lover Isn't Too Keen On Having Sex With You These Days

Why Your Lover Isn’t Too Keen On Having Sex With You These Days

Can you still remember the last time you made sweet love to your lover?

Go on. I’ll give you a few seconds.

Well, if it’s so long ago that you’re having a tough time recalling all the details, then you’re obviously making a few mistakes that are preventing you from getting her in bed.

You’ve got to realize that a loss of sex drive in your partner is NOT a natural development in a relationship.  If right now your lover isn’t interested in sex then you need to develop your lover’s sexual attraction to you. To have her start wanting sex again, here are the things you need to take note of…

Maybe you’re not paying enough attention to your hygiene.

Women are very sensitive to how you look and smell when it comes to sex. If your lover thinks that your hygiene is simply not acceptable, then you can easily expect your chances of convincing her to make love with you to drop.

The best way to fix this is by making sure that you always smell and look great. Make it a habit to take regular showers and get rid of stubble if that look doesn’t suit you. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, splash on some deodorant and go for clothes that highlight your assets. Now that might sound like a lot of work at first but it’ll be worth it once your partner is all over you begging for sex.

Maybe you’re not being romantic enough.

Many men mistakenly believe that getting their lovers in the mood for sex is as easy as a grope here and a kiss there. The only problem is that women don’t get sexually aroused at the drop of a hat like us guys do. If you want to really get her going for making love, then you have to push her buttons in a different way.

This isn’t a natural thing for us guys, but convincing your lover to get between the sheets with you actually comes down to becoming more romantic with her. Set the scene before sex, play some of her favorite romantic music, light some candles and give her massage… Things like this are much more likely to turn her on than a random grope of her breasts

Maybe you’re not giving her the sexual satisfaction she needs.

Perhaps the biggest reason why your lover isn’t too keen on having sex with you these days is because when it does happen you’re not giving her enough sexual satisfaction. It could be that you’re not properly stimulating the right parts of her during sex or perhaps you’re just ejaculating too soon.

Apart from taking your sexual skills up a notch, you also have to make sure that you learn how to last longer in bed. Once your lover knows that she’s going to have an unforgettable experience each time you get between the sheets, convincing her for a round or two in bed won’t be that tough anymore.

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