Why Wealth Has Nothing To Do With Seducing A Woman

Why Wealth Has Nothing To Do With Seducing A Woman

Most men mistakenly believe that their odds of successfully seducing a woman correspond directly to how fat their wallet is. They think that the more wealth they can show to the ladies, the easier it is for them attract them.

Interestingly, wealth has absolutely nothing to do with seduction. Unless she’s a gold digger, it really doesn’t matter how fancy your car is or how extensive your bank account may be. When it comes to seducing a quality woman, you’re always bound to fail unless you follow these pointers…

What seduction is really all about is timing. Much like fishing where your chances of success greatly depend on how suitably you are able to react when the bait is sprung, seduction involves knowing which elements to look out for and respond accordingly. Let me explain what I mean…

Firstly, seduction should be slow and easy.

A lot of guys think that seducing a woman only takes a few minutes and then she’s either ready to get between the sheets or she must not be interested. However, patience is a key element if you’re looking to seduce a woman successfully and rushing things will get you nowhere.

Being too aggressive with a woman can easily lower your chances of making her sexually attracted to you. It’s important that you establish a connection with her first before going into full Casanova mode or else you’re just setting yourself up for a major embarrassment.

Secondly, her body language says a lot.

Keeping an eye on her body language is a crucial factor when you’re trying to seduce a woman. Apart from giving you clues if she’s into you or not, you can also easily identify if it’s time to move in for the kill or still hang back for a few moments.

Is she folding her arms across her chest? Does she talk really loudly or in a voice that you can barely hear? Is she establishing eye contact when speaking? These are just some of the things that you have to take note of if you’re aiming to seduce her the right way.

Thirdly, you should act like the alpha male.

Acting like a weakling when you are trying to seduce a woman is probably the biggest mistake that you will ever make. No matter how long you’ve practiced your pickup lines or how meticulously you’ve prepped up for the big event, not showing the right amount of confidence will only lead to a seduction disaster. Focus on keeping your confidence levels high if you’re aiming to successfully seduce (and no, pickup lines don’t work).

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