Why Being Overly Stressed Can Ruin Your Sex Life And What To Do About It

Why Being Overly Stressed Can Ruin Your Sex Life And What To Do About It

Experiencing stress is an inevitable part of life.  We all experience it from time to time, however, if you don’t figure out how to handle properly it can eventually lead to serious problems in the long run…especially between the sheets.

Besides becoming more and more irritable and sensitive , repeatedly going through extreme levels of stress can also affect your performance in bed. Stress not only makes getting an erection pretty challenging but also restrains your sex drive altogether.

If you think stress is already affecting your life emotionally, physically or worse, sexually, it’s still not too late. Here are a few useful tips that will help you let off some steam and bring back your sexual vigor easily…

Firstly, identify your stressors.

Don’t let the technical term fool you. A stressor or “stress trigger” is basically a thing or person that gives you stress. It may be a scheming boss who keeps pushing you to your limit, a deadline for a job assignment that’s due tomorrow or perhaps rush hour traffic on your daily commute.

Knowing what makes you stressful should be on top of your checklist if you’re aiming to reduce your stress levels and even totally eliminating it from your life one day. Make sure you take time to focus what your stressors are and note them down. It’s only after you’re able to identify what your stressors are that you can think of ways how to make them more manageable.

Secondly, make exercise a regular part of your schedule.

Now if you don’t regularly work out you may think that working out is exclusively for health fanatics, but sometimes exercising is just the thing to do when you’re feeling a bit stressed. Sweating it out for at least half an hour day not only makes your body healthy but also releases endorphins or “happy hormones”.

What’s  even more is that it’s also important to avoid indulging in too much unhealthy foods as well as alcohol and tobacco. Besides putting you at risk of developing serious illnesses like diabetes, stroke and hypertension, you’re also setting yourself up for a host of other problems in the bedroom like reduced sexual stamina and increased likelihood of erectile dysfunction if you drink like a fish and smoke incessantly.

Thirdly, get the stress off your chest.

Sharing your problems with a person close to you is perhaps one of the simplest yet most effective ways to relieve stress. While this may sound over simplistic, nothing beats relieving stress like knowing that someone is there to support you as you go through challenging times in your life. (Now that we’ve got that covered, here are a few tips on how to really attract women.)

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