How To REALLY Attract Women

How To REALLY Attract Women

May 22, 2013  |  Dating Advice, Success Principles

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably wondered how some guys simply walk up to a woman, engage her in a conversation and walk away a few moments later with her number and perhaps even a date.

Now it’s tempting to think that these guys only pull it off because they look better, have a nicer car or perhaps a fatter wallet. Unlike what most people believe though, these men are able to do it because they have learned how to harness the power of attraction.

The idea that attraction depends mostly on how a guy looks is a  huge misconception. Although having the right looks can boost your chances of captivating a woman’s attention, it still isn’t anywhere near enough to successfully attract a woman.

Here’s a new way of thinking that may surprise you…

What really attracts a woman is not what the majority of men think…like being good-looking, tall and muscular or perhaps even being famous.

If you’re looking to attract a woman, you’ve got to build up your confidence levels.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “So I only have to be confident to get the woman I fancy?” And the short answer is… yes.

But let me explain what I mean…

Attraction simply doesn’t work the same way for men and women.

Men are very much into the physical side of things. We pretty much fall for looks more than anything else. As a general rule, the more appealing a woman’s physical traits are, the more we become attracted to her. As long as she’s got shapely legs, an angelic face, a firm butt or perky breasts, we already think we’re in love.

However, it’s entirely different with the ladies. Women tend to be more attracted to qualities that are not seen, starting from the most critical attribute of all: confidence.

No matter how elegant your outfit is or how meticulous you’ve prepped up for a social occasion, you sure won’t make the impression you want on the ladies if you can’t demonstrate confidence.

I mean have you ever seen a somewhat ordinary looking guy walk up to a woman you’ve been watching at a bar and 5 minutes later they’re already walking out the door hand in hand? You can also pull off the same thing IF you just know how to show women how confident you are.

So from now on, instead of obsessing about how you look, focus on developing your confidence and your success rate with women is guaranteed to shoot through the roof. (Here’s how you can break free from “friend” to “boyfriend.”)

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