The Pickup Line Myth Demystified

The Pickup Line Myth Demystified

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably wondered which pickup lines work best when it comes to attracting the ladies.

The problem is, however, unless you’re exceptionally good looking or famous , traditional pickup lines simply don’t work. No matter how frequently or cleverly you rehearse them, cheesy pick-up lines rarely work with attractive women.

What’s really interesting though is a lot of guys are so mentally caught up with pickup lines that they forget there are simple ways to hit things off with a woman they fancy. Let me explain what I mean…

Introductions are a priority.

It’s really important that you introduce yourself properly to a woman before you can expect anything else to happen. If you’re looking to engage her in a conversation, simply say hello and introduce yourself.

Just having the confidence to talk to her like a real person instead of hiding behind a pick-up line will go a long way towards building her attraction to you.

Offer her something.

Now that you’ve got her attention, let’s proceed to step two. While this may not sound revolutionary, you can easily buy a few minutes of a woman’s time by offering her something.

Whether it’s a drink, a slice of dessert or virtually anything that’s readily available where you are, it will definitely help you get at least a couple of minutes of her time. Keep in mind that this is your cue to prove to her that you’re an awesome guy to be with.

Sincere compliments always hit the mark.

The difference between a compliment and a pickup line is that the latter almost always seems to objectify women. Although the ladies love to be called “pretty,” they won’t appreciate it as much if you communicate it via a cheesy pick-up line. Besides obviously sounding cheesy, most pickup lines are interpreted as being creepy as well.

Make her laugh.

Women have a soft spot for guys who can make them laugh. If you’re looking to establish a connection with a woman you like, making use of humor is still one of best strategies to use. Don’t be afraid to crack a few jokes as long as they are not sexist or offensive in any way.

While it’s true that humor does not come naturally to some guys, there’s still hope if you don’t consider yourself to be “funny”. Start watching more comedies and reading more jokes and you’ll soon find yourself naturally developing a sense of humour. (Here’s how to have confidence that sweeps women off their feet on a first date.)

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