Why You’re Only Lasting A Few Minutes In Bed

Why You’re Only Lasting A Few Minutes In Bed

Sex is undeniably one of the most exciting things for us men. However, most guys don’t know that failing to hold back sexual excitement is the biggest reason why they find themselves coming quicker than they’d like to when they get between the sheets with their partners.

If you’re anything like a lot of men out there, you may have wondered why you’re only lasting a few minutes in bed. Fortunately, I have just the pointers you need to help you perform longer on your next lovemaking session. Let me explain what I mean…

The majority of guys tend to have a Spartan view of sex. They see it as something that should be taken care of swiftly as soon as the opportunity for it arises. In other words As soon as the chance for sexual penetration presents itself, they tend to get all too excited and find themselves coming in a minute or two.

Interestingly though, premature ejaculation doesn’t happen because there’s something wrong with your internal pipes. The reason you currently orgasm sooner than you’d like to is because you are not keeping your sexual excitement in check.

What usually happens when you rush things in the bedroom is that your penis is getting a sensory overload. Since the male sex organ is naturally sensitive, your brain thinks that the excessive amount of stimulation that it is receiving is a sign that it’s time to ejaculate. Thus, your time between the sheets is drastically cut short even though you’ve just started your lovemaking session with your partner.

There are simple ways, however, to effectively delay ejaculation without involving faddish, artificial means like medicines and creams. If you’re looking to last longer the next time you get between the sheets with your lover, here are a couple of things you need to take note of…

Stop thinking about premature ejaculation.

Overthinking about coming too quickly during sex can lead to the exact opposite.

To make things worse, worrying too much about it can also make you experience pangs of anxiety that could complicate getting and maintaining a stable erection. Make sure you clear your mind of all negativity before getting down to business and you’re pretty much all set.

Spend more time on foreplay during lovemaking.

Unlike what most guys think, women can still enjoy making love without rushing to the penetration part of sex. You can still give your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants by patiently and gently stimulating her erogenous zones like the breasts, clitoris, back of the neck and ears as well as her inner thighs with your lips, tongue and fingers.

As an added bonus, spending more time on foreplay also significantly boosts your partner’s arousal…making her reach orgasm faster than the usual and therefore reducing your need to last as long. (Here are a few more secrets to quickly spicing up your sex life easily.)

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