4 Easy Ways To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

4 Easy Ways To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Unlike what most guys think, premature ejaculation is not an incurable medical condition… in fact, it can be remedied by simple techniques that don’t involve medicines or other artificial means.

If you’re looking to last much longer the next time things get steamy in the bedroom, then pay close attention. Here are some tips to help prevent premature ejaculation the right way…

Start off with the right mindset.

Having a mindset of anticipating a great love-making session is a must if you’re aiming to extend your time between the sheets and give her the sexual satisfaction that she’s always wanted.

Being preoccupied with negative thoughts during sex not only makes you a lousy lover but can also force you to achieve orgasm and ejaculate sooner than you’d like to. What’s even worse is that not having a positive mindset during lovemaking can also make getting a stable erection extremely tough.

Take things slow and easy.

Rushing things during sex could be the reason why you’re coming too soon. Sure she may be very hot and it might be hard to resist penetrating her fast and deep when the opportunity arises but doing just that will lead to premature ejaculation.

Keep in mind that sex can also be a relaxing and gentle activity. You’ll be very surprised with the results when you take things as slow and as easy as you can the next time you make love with her.

Spend more time on foreplay.

Sexually penetrating your partner is definitely not the only way to pleasure her in bed. You can also use your mouth, lips, fingers and tongue to stimulate her sensitive erogenous zones like the breasts, neck, clitoris and the vagina.

Paying extra attention to foreplay during lovemaking can easily help you give her an orgasm without the actual need for penetration as well. Doing this then takes the pressure off of you not to orgasm quickly during sex, therefore ironically you’ll probably last much longer.

Have “penetration breaks” along the way.

When you’re feeling that you’re already close to the point of no return when making love with your partner, simply stop thrusting and pull out your penis from her vagina. In this time you can either change positions or stimulate her with your tongue or fingers.

What’s important is that your brain will see this temporary break from penetration as a natural “reset button” and you’ll extend your bedroom playing time as a result. From here, simply repeat all the steps I’ve just shared and you’re guaranteed to last longer than you’ve ever imagined. (Now here are the right ways to convince her to try anal sex.)

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