The Right Ways To Convince Her To Try Anal Sex

The Right Ways To Convince Her To Try Anal Sex

May 9, 2013  |  Success Principles

Anal sex is one of those kinky fantasies that many guys dream of achieving. The idea of experiencing sensations and sexual pleasure that only a few other men have felt is just too tempting to pass up. The only problem is many women need some convincing before trying anal sex.

If you’ve failed to convince your lover to try doing some backdoor action but have so far failed, then it’s still not too late. Unlike what most people think, there are secrets that will make your lover want to try anal sex as long as you just play your cards right. Now pay close attention to learn what they are…

Share your fantasy with her.

Communication is one of the foundations of a great sexual relationship with your lover and sharing your fascination with anal sex is a nice way to actually start getting some. Apart from telling her why you want to try it, make it a point as well to ask her why she isn’t too keen to give it a shot. Now sharing your anal sex fantasy with her may not be a guarantee that you’ll get lucky immediately but it’s a good way to kick things off.

Be very patient.

The idea of being sexually penetrated in the anus is not the most exciting concept to most women and chances are your lover isn’t that big of a fan of anal sex either. So when you’re trying to convince her to do it in the backdoor the next time things get steamy in the bedroom, being very patient and respecting her decision immediately when she says no is absolutely the best course of action. Moreover, barking orders like a drill sergeant is the biggest no-no of all. You’ll only make her feel that the whole experience will be a stressful and high pressure one.

Stimulate her anus when you give her oral sex.

Including her anus the next time you go down on your lover is a smart way to make her discover the sensations she’s missing out on in terms of anal sex. Start by licking and caressing her vagina and clitoris like you normally do but make sure you give her anus the same amount of stimulation along the way.

If her moans get louder and her hips gyrate faster while you’re doing it, it means she’s enjoying the whole thing and your chances of getting some anal sex are just right around the corner. If it’s the opposite, slow down and move on to another erogenous zone. Keep in mind that you still have plenty of time to try it again in the future.

Over time as you go to stimulate her anus again and again she’ll become more comfortable with the feeling and soon she’ll be welcoming you in.  (And here’s the top reason why you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction.)

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