Your Ultimate Guide To Making Her More Adventurous In The Bedroom

Your Ultimate Guide To Making Her More Adventurous In The Bedroom

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably imagined your lover becoming more daring when it comes to sex…

Whether it’s trying new positions during a lovemaking session or becoming more venturesome in exploring different ways to achieve sexual fulfillment, it’s really quite normal to have these fantasies about her from time to time.

But what if I told you that making her more adventurous in the bedroom is very much possible?

Unlike what other so-called relationship experts claim, making a woman embrace a bolder approach to sex is quite achievable if you just know what to do. Here are a few pointers that could easily help you achieve just that…

Encourage her to share her kinkiest thoughts.

While your lover may tend to be very submissive in the bedroom, chances are she has a few erotic ideas of her own that could sizzle up your next lovemaking session.

Make sure you communicate with her regularly regarding what positions she’d like to try as well as any changes she’d like to see on your current sexual checklist. Believe me, you’ll be amazed with the suggestions your lover has up her sleeve.

Let her become more dominant in bed.

Allowing your lover to take the lead the next time you get between the sheets is a good way to make her feel more comfortable to become sexually explorative. Let her call the shots in bed in a more regular basis.

Allow her to decide which usual positions to go for and the new ones she’d like to give a go. Make her feel as sexually empowered as possible and you’re sure to get her inner vixen going sooner than you think.

Brush up your skills on sexual teasing.

Teasing your lover sexually is a smart move to make her want more during your lovemaking session. Apart from compelling her to voice out her sexual ideas, you’ll also discover more ways how to bring her to the point of orgasm while at it. Learn how to become more skillful in sexual teasing and you’re sure to see your lover becoming more daring in bed sooner than you think.

Be very patient and determined.

Sure you may have fantasized about having a handy button that turns your lover into a sex-starved nymph in an instant but unfortunately, there is no such thing.

While these pointers are designed to help you make her more adventurous in the bedroom, they aren’t magic bullets that work as soon as you apply them. Besides having a lot of patience and determination, you also have to play your cards right to achieve the best results.

Why not take it to an even higher level by finding out the secrets to quickly spicing up your sex life?

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