A Simple Mistake That Can Easily End A Romantic Relationship

A Simple Mistake That Can Easily End A Romantic Relationship

No matter how stable you think your relationship with your wife or girlfriend may be, there is still a chance that it could end all of a sudden just because of a simple mistake that most guys tend to regard as something unimportant.

This simple mistake I’m talking about is being boring. Sure it may not sound much but being dull and monotonous can easily ruin a romantic relationship.

Let me explain exactly what I mean…

If you’re anything like most men in a long-term relationship, you’ve probably become so familiar with your wife or girlfriend that almost every element of your relationship has turned predictable. You already know what makes her smile, the movies she likes to watch and the sexual positions she prefers when making love.

While a lot of so-called dating gurus claim that getting overly accustomed to your wife or girlfriend is merely a sign that your relationship is just becoming deeper, social researchers point out that it’s anything but.

In other words…

Doing the same things over and over with your wife or girlfriend can eventually ruin your relationship. Women need to be constantly thrilled and excited to make them value a romantic relationship more each day. Fortunately, doing just that is not as complicated as you may think. Here are the things you need to take note of…

Prep up like an A-list celebrity would.

If you’ve heard your wife or girlfriend complain about your hygiene or your choice of clothing more times than you’d care to mention, this is sign that you need to brush up.

Make it up to her by sending out the right visual and nasal cues, just like you did when you were still trying to win her heart before you were going out. Always keep in mind to look and smell nice and you’ll severely reduce the chances of a surprise break-up.

Surprise her with random acts of romance.

Let me ask you a hard question…when was the last time you really went all romantic with your wife or girlfriend? If you can’t remember when you last sent her a bouquet of flowers or a love letter, chances are she already feels that you’re not giving her the romantic attention that she deserves.

Always make sure that you start the day by giving her a sincere compliment to let her know that you still cherish her. Send her passionate text messages during the day and call her up when she least expects it just to say sweet nothings. Now this may sound rather cheesy but things like this are the kind of things women love.

Update your sex moves.

Just because your wife or girlfriend loves missionary or doggy style doesn’t mean that it’s all that you should do when things get steamy in the bedroom. Make it a point to learn a fresh position or two and explore new sexual grounds together as much as you can. Apart from making her more loyal to you, she’ll also be a lot more excited to jump between the sheets with you. (Just to make the deal even sweeter, here’s how to really give her an orgasm.)

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