How To Have Confidence That Sweeps Women Off Their Feet On A First Date

How To Have Confidence That Sweeps Women Off Their Feet On A First Date

You can already consider half the battle won if you’ve got the right amount of confidence when trying to impress the girl of your dreams on your first date. The only problem is that actually getting the confidence you need is easier said than done.

Confidence isn’t something that comes naturally to most guys. If you’re still having a tough time raising your confidence levels to score a second date with an attractive woman, let me key you in on some important details how to get the job done easily…

Start by looking and smelling your best .

Sending out the right visual and nasal cues should be your top priority if you’re looking to score subsequent dates with a woman you fancy. Having good looks while demonstrating impeccable hygiene at the same time is not just an effective way to get your date’s attention but also makes you more attractive to her. As an added bonus, knowing that you look and smell good instantly boosts your self-confidence around her as well.

Have a detailed plan beforehand.

You can still blow your chances of going out with her again no matter how physically prepped up you are if you don’t have a strategic plan of your date. Make it a point to have the details of your affair right down to pat days ahead of the big night. Leaving your date to chance will only make you anxious about what will happen next all throughout the event. Plus, failing to plan can also give her the feeling that she’s only wasting her time with you.

A positive mindset is essential.

Nothing saps your confidence levels like anticipating that something will go wrong on your first date even before it happens. Expecting something to go wrong will affect how you speak, what you say, your body language and your behavior on your night out. Always remember to stay positive and you’ll be surprised how smooth everything will turn out.

Avoid comparing yourself to other guys.

Comparing yourself to another man is a recipe for disaster if you’re aiming to be as confident as you can during a first date. Sure, other guys can be richer or better looking but you’re the one dating her and you’ve got to show her why you deserve a second date. Just to top it all off, experts claim that confidence is much sexier to women than a flashy car or a fat wallet.

Practice makes perfect.

I’m sure you’ve heard the classic phrase “ practice makes perfect”, well it can be also applied to confidence. Remember to integrate acts that reflect how self-assured you are as a man each and every day. Make it a point to be friendly to the new people you meet everyday and give everyone you meet your best smile. Next thing you know, confidence will become a natural part of who you are. (Now how about learning 4 tips on how you give her unforgettable oral sex?)

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